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High-quality portable flooring will make you, and your guests, want to dance! Portable dance floors are light enough to move, but strong enough for everyone who wants to dance on them to safely find their groove. Ask about Indoor/Outdoor Dance Floor for more versatility.


  • Choose from Solid Wood Parquet in two stain options
  • Easy care laminate flooring

Laminate Plank - Available in 3' X 3' or 3' X 4' Sections in following colors:

  • American Plank
  • Dark Walnut
  • Warm Cherry, Stone Pine
  • Tropical Beech
  • Light Beech
  • Dark Oak
  • Elegant Oak
  • Solid Black or Solid White

Call for Color choices and swatches

Chose Traditional 12" X 12"  Panels in the following colors:

  • Black & White Checkerboard
  • Natural Oak Wood Parquet
  • Windsor Oak Wood Parquet
  • Solid White
  • Solid Black
  • Wood Grain Vinyl

Includes solid wood parquet

Special Features:

Convenient and totally secure Cam-Lock fastening is a breakthrough improvement to the portable dance floor and is standard on all floors!

Cam-Locks are easy to engage and eliminate the problem of dance floor panels separating while in use. Cam-Lock fasteners replace traditional set-screws so there are no small parts to lose. With no lost parts, there are fewer headaches.

Choose an Available Cart for Quick and Easy Transport and Storage!


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